Thanks David, I’m sure we can work together to our mutual benefit for many years ahead

NW, Chemical Processing Company, 2015

We have used On Loan for many years and have been impressed with the full package from recruitment, support and presentation of invoices.

This includes the company relationship between the various people and also a pro-active approach when asking for employees in specific roles and often at short notice.

IB, Manufacturing Business, 2013

To whom it may concern,

I have in past months and years worked with On Loan Recruitment, both in my current position and with my previous employer and found the company to be most helpful and professional in all aspects of business that I have been involved with. I have been genuinely impressed with the level of engagement of their staff and look forward to doing business with On Loan Recruitment for many years to come. - 2015

PB, Power Generation Business, 2015

To whom it may concern,

The Council, have worked with On Loan Recruitment for the past 18 years. In that time, we have found them to be professional, efficient and helpful in supplying ourselves with a range of personnel. At all times we have found the staff provided to be well resourced and capable.

We would not hesitate to recommend On Loan Recruitment for supply of services

PH, Local Authority Services, 1999-2015

I can genuinely say it was a pleasure to meet with On Loan Recruitment when they visited us at our offices, I can see why people hold them in high regard. On Loan Recruitment take the time to listen and their input is invaluable, it was greatly appreciated and I am certain it will lead to a good joint venture between our two companies for many years to come. – 2015

AP, Food Manufacturing Business 2015

We have undertaken business with On Loan since 2007. We were introduced through a mutual client who recommended the company from personal experience.

During the past 8 years we have had an ongoing requirement, within the Humber Area for short term specialist project management, commercial and trade personnel.

In order to fill our requirements, we have sourced the necessary staff through ‘On Loan Recruitment’. We have found their service to be of the highest standard with regard to the quality, competence and reliability of the staff provide.

Their recruitment team carry’s out their business in a professional manner and are always honest and prompt when replying to any enquiry. On Loan Recruitment are considered within the group operations to be our preferred supplier of our labour shortfall.

As would be expected from the overall excellent service provided, the local management of our business have formed a mutually agreeable relationship with the On Loan Recruitment Team, which we have found to be open and knowledgeable in every aspect of its duty

KM, Engineering Services Company, 2007-2015

From the first contact I was impressed with her professional manner; her politeness, efficiency and industry knowledge subsequently proved to be second to none. She quickly answered all my questions - which were many and not all simple to answer. The advice she gave allowed me to find, and book the correct training course so I am well placed to find a temporary job through you in the future. Thanks a lot Teresa.

I hope that this may be of interest and that you, as well as Teresa will gain some satisfaction that others recognise and appreciate such a high standard of service.

AK, Scotland, 2017

Congratulations to you and the team on your 20th anniversary. I for one can thank you whole heartedly for all your efforts so no doubt this milestone is fully earnt. An absolute pleasure to deal with!

DA, Manufacturer 2009 - Present