Whatever stage your career is at, from recent graduate to senior management, we are here to assist you in finding the right position and company for your specific requirements.

We endevour to get to know our candidates, because to us unlike many in the industry, we see that you are just as important as our clients.

We ensure that all of our candidates expectations are met, and we not make promises we do not keep! All candidates are assured that their CV and application are personnally reviewed by a member of our leadership team.

To submit your details and CV please complete our Candidate Registration Form. Alternatively please contact us on 01469 577698.

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you have registered with us, your details are held on our system. We will contact you as soon as we have an assignment matching your requirements.

Our Recruitment Team will explain exact details about the work, such as wages, conditions, hours of work, canteen facilities, dress codes, etc. In all cases On Loan Recruitment expects you to honour any verbal commitments made when accepting your assignments.

If you are no longer looking for work and wish to have your details removed from our database, please put the request to us in writing, and we will reply to confirm your details have been removed.

The client you are hired to, is responsible for your health and safety during the contract.

On arrival the client should induct you on to their site, explaining the layout, emergency procedures, and facilities. If you are in any doubt regarding your duties, please ensure you speak to your supervisor at the client site, and our Recruitment Team.

Whilst at work, you should:

  • Abide by client rules and policies.
  • Take reasonable care of your own health and safety and of other persons who may be affected by your acts or omissions.
  • Co-operate with the client or any other person with responsibility for work place health and safety at the client site.
  • For your health and safety you should not intentionally or recklessly misuse any equipment.

If you are involved in an accident at work resulting in injury, however minor, please report it to the appropriate person, ensure it is recorded in the client accident book and notify your Recruitment Team.

Yes, we provide a workplace pension our provider is NEST which has been set up by the UK government especially for auto-enrolment. You can find out more about auto-enrolment at

All candidates are paid by bank transfer with funds being available in your bank account on a Friday. On occasions due to Bank Holidays this will not be possible but wherever viable we will bring the payment forward one day. If for any reason the payment is on any other day we will notify you.

You are paid based on the pay rate detailed on your contract and on the number of hours you work, these need to be recorded on your timesheet. Timesheets can be downloaded from our website or obtained from our Recruitment Team.

It is important to always get your timesheet signed at the end of each week. It must be signed by the client and clearly show how many hours you are to be paid after breaks have been deducted.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your signed timesheet is received by On Loan Recruitment Accounts Department no later than 4pm Monday following the week the work was completed. Failure to do this may result in you not receiving your pay. Any timesheet not received in time will be added to the following week’s payroll run. Timesheets can be emailed, faxed, posted or hand delivered, the relevant contact details are below:


Fax                              01469 577698

Postal address          On Loan Recruitment Limited

                                    On Loan House, Manby Road


                                    North East Lincolnshire

                                    DN40 2LG

If we deduct PAYE and NIC’s from your pay then we will send out a payslip by post or email, detailing the hours worked, your rate of pay, any expenses and any deductions, including tax.

You can elect to receive your payslip by email by completing the authorisation form on our website.

Please note it is your responsibility to retain your payslip. On Loan Recruitment can provide a copy upon request for a small charge of £5.

If you are a Limited Company individual we will email a remittance advice to the email address supplied to us prior to the payment being credited to your account. Copy remittance advices cannot be produced.


When commencing work with On Loan Recruitment you will need to let us have your P45 immediately so that your tax, national insurance contributions and tax code are correctly reflected in your first pay with us. If you do not provide a P45 or complete a HMRC Starter Checklist, then these deductions will be made at the ‘Basic Rate’. Once you have completed your contract, or it ends, for whatever reason, we will issue a P45.

Notes on P60

A P60 is issued in accordance with HMRC guidelines and issued to personnel that we have deducted PAYE tax and NI contributions from and are employed by us on the 5th April in the current tax year. If you require details of gross pay and tax and do not receive a P60, you can call the Accounts and Payroll Hotline on 01469 565220.

Please note it is your responsibility to retain your P60. On Loan Recruitment can provide a copy upon request for a small charge of £5.

Annual leave is accrued from your start date, on every week employed and calculated to the nearest half day:

Annual entitlement

(inclusive of Bank Holidays)               Accrual per week

28 Days                                               0.5385 days per week

33 Days                                               0.6347 days per week

You can claim all the days accrued up to the time of your request. You can claim a minimum of 0.5 day and a maximum of five days holiday in one week.

Contact the Accounts and Payroll Hotline on 01469 565220 to establish that you have sufficient accrual to take the leave you require. Fill in an On Loan Recruitment Holiday Form, with signed authorisation from your current workplace supervisor. Return by post, fax or email the completed Holiday Form to our Recruitment Team as quickly as possible.

Yes. On Loan Recruitment must have twice as much notice as the number of days leave you wish to take, e.g. if requesting 5 days leave we require 10 days notice.

No. All statutory entitlement to leave must be taken during the course of the holiday year which it accrues, and any annual leave not taken at the end of the holiday year (31st December each year) will be forfeited.

No. You cannot carry out any other work for On Loan Recruitment during a period of paid annual leave.

Your annual leave entitlement is inclusive of Bank Holidays and will be automatically paid.

Only agency workers who are subject to normal PAYE / NI deductions are included within this statutory holiday entitlement. Agency workers who are employed by Limited Companies are not eligible.

On termination of your assignment, any outstanding paid annual leave entitlement will be forwarded, along with your final payslip and P45.

Please complete a change of details form and return to our HR Department as soon as possible. We will notify you as soon as the new details have been implemented. The completed form can be emailed, faxed, posted or hand delivered. The relevant contact details are below:


Fax                               01469 576264

Postal address          On Loan Recruitment Limited

                                    On Line House, Pelham Road


                                    North East Lincolnshire

                                    DN40 1AB                                  

                                    FAO Human Resources

The Company's financial stability, reputation, ability to offer employment security and the provision of safe working conditions depends on each employee's individual performance.

For the above reasons it is important that all employees obey the Company's Code of Conduct and follow the rules detailed below:

  1. You are required to be punctual and observe times of work.
  1. You are required to respect fellow employees.
  1. You are required to respect both the property of the Company and your fellow employees.
  1. You are required to be free from the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  1. You are required to be truthful and accurate when completing Company documents and records.
  1. You are required to keep information acquired during the course of your job confidential.
  1. You shall not accept or offer gifts or favours.
  1. You are required to comply with the Company's code of conduct at all times.